Q. What is Go Fresh?

A. Go Fresh is a delivery only service that provides software for customer to same day grocery, food orders and works with future scheduled orders as well! and brings together delivery agents and vendor/merchants for delivery, however not involved in Product/Item control or Store Availability by any means.

Q. Who will deliver the Go Fresh order?

A. Go Fresh Delivery Agents/Drivers will Pick up the order from the Vendor/Store and Deliver the order to the customer's location.

Q. How fast does Go Fresh deliver?

A. Go Fresh ideal deliver time is as little as 45 Minutes - 1 Hour, however in unusual conditions it may take longer that the ideal time. A customer can also schedule for a later date up to two days in advance online or up to seven days by contacting customer support at +91-7093737162 or E-Mail at support@gofresh.org.in

Q. What are the Go Fresh delivery hours?

A. Monday - Sunday, 8:00 AM - 9:45 PM

Q. Why does the products look different from the ones dislayed in the website/app?

A. Images added for the products in the website/app act as a reference on how the product could look like, however the delivered product need not neccessarily look/feel like the ones in the website/app.

Q. What is the process to place a Go Fresh online order?

A. Customers will visit www.gofresh.org.in or download mobile application. They will then either log in or create an account if they are a first-time user and checkout by adding available products to their cart and entering their delivery zip code and online payment or COD ufcourse!

Q. Who will control the prices of products available in Go Fresh?

A. Go Fresh does not control any product prices by any means, product prices are solely handled by the respective vendors may and they may or may not be same as in-store or Market prices.

Q. What steps can the Go Fresh Delivery Agent take when an item is Out of Stock/Not Available in the store?

A. The Go Fresh Delivery Agent will try to contact the customer if an item is out-of-stock suggesting a replacement based on similar items available in-store. If the customer is not able to respond at the moment Go Fresh can cancel the Order or Deliver only the available Products/Items.

Q. Can customers make a change to their Go Fresh order?

A. Customers can add to or modify the order before the order is accepted, to do so customers can contact customer support for the changes.

Q. What happens if customers are not at home for their Go Fresh delivery?

A. Customers receive a text message or a call or can see the status in the app when the Delivery Agent is on the way, alerting as to the estimated time of arrival. If the customer is not available to receive the delivery, the Go Fresh Agent will try to contact the customer and can wait for the customer for a reasonable time, or reschedule the delivery for an extra fee, or cancel the order if no other solution is attainable and does not contain any perishable goods.

Q. What if customers want to cancel their Go Fresh order?

A. Customers can cancel their Go Fresh order for a full refund up until the merchant has accepted your order.

Q. Why is my Go Fresh order rejected?

A. Merchant can reject the order due to multiple reasons, but few include Unavailability of the stock, time slot not available, Store timings, etc.

Q. What if there is a discrepancy in processing Go Fresh order or Store Availability/Timings?

A. Go Fresh is a delivery only service, provides software and brings together delivery agents for delivery and not involved in Product/Item control or Store Availability/Timings by any means, Go Fresh is not responsible for warranty/condition/Taste/Availability/Price or any concerns related to product as vendors/merchants/stores control the inventory. If the discrepancy is in power of Go Fresh, Go Fresh will take all necessary actions to resolve the Issue between Customer and Vendor. 

Q. When will customers receive their refund for a cancelled Go Fresh order?

A. Refunds may take from instant to seven business days to process, it varies from bank to bank. In some cases, the customer's bank may adjust the original charge amount instead of displaying a separate refund.

Q: For Go Fresh, why are there service fees on my receipt?

A: Service Fees are added to cover the operational cost of Go Fresh.

Q: For Go Fresh, why are there delivery fees on my receipt?

A: Delivery Fees are added to cover the delivery cost of Go Fresh.

Q: For Go Fresh, why is the final total different from my total at checkout?

A: When you place an order, Go Fresh shows you the anticipated total, including estimated fees. The final total charged to your card may be different if any changes occur during the shopping process, such as:

  • An item is out of stock and you are refunded.
  • You add an item to your order after checkout.
  • An item you order needs to be replaced, and the replacement has a different price.
  • An item you order is sold by weight and the exact weight is slightly different.
  • An item you order has a different price than what is available online.
  • Your personal shopper fulfills a special request for an item not in the catalog.

Q. Can customers return products that they ordered through Go Fresh?

A. Returns can be processed only at the discretion of Store/Merchant/Vendor, within an hour of delivery and should remain in packed condition during return.

Q. How does tipping work and who receives the tips?

A. Tipping is optional. Tips are paid directly to the Go Fresh Delivery Agent.

Q. How are customer service issues resolved?

A. Please contact Go Fresh customer center at chat window available in App/Site or Contact at +91-7093737162 or E-Mail at support@gofresh.org.in